Acne - 
Facts, Fiction and Fixes 

There is probably more rubbish talked about acne than any other health related problem - possibly because acne affects so many people, of all ages, across all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.

Acne - a fundamental design flaw in humans?

In some ways, acne has every appearance of being a fundamental design flaw in humans because almost every human is forced to live through months or even years of often painful, and always embarrassing, acne breakouts as they pass through their teenage years - exactly when confidence and self esteem is at its lowest point, and exactly when sensitivity to physical appearance is at it's highest.

But if that was the only acne issue - a transitional teenage problem with embarrassment as it's major symptom - you wouldn't find thousands of people a day searching the internet for information on pimples, zits, and acne treatment.

Acne can be a serious problem with long-lasting consequences

Unfortunately, acne can become a far more serious issue - a life-long problem, affecting much more body area than just the face, and with a reality of permanent scarring for many. And acne can have life-long implications in terms of confidence, self-esteem, and social and relationship skills. With even more implications in the job-market, if we're to be honest about this.

And skin-care becomes much more than just the conventional chores associated with looking after your skin. Acne can drag you through increasing intensities of treatments - from a cleaning regimen to natural treatments to acne medications to semi-surgical acne treatments such as chemical peels. And then there are the cases where surgical treatment is genuinely called for.

Dealing with acne can also become an expensive proposition, too. Some of the best known acne treatments become a regular drain on the pocketbook - they can be effective, but boy, you pay and you have to keep paying because the acne will comeback as soon as you stop the treatment. It's a merchant's dream, of course - and everyone else's nightmare.

A Focus on the facts

There are a lot of myths surrounding the topic of acne, some harmless, some not so. What I've tried to do on this site is simply present some solid information on acne, to help you better understand acne and help you treat it more effectively - regardless of whether your interest is in popping a zit that threatens a night out, or coming up with a strategy to deal once and for all with a life long problem. Acne-free doesn't have to be a dream - but the key to getting rid of acne is knowledge.