4 Quick Reasons Botox Is Inferior To Age Defying Lotions

A growing number of folks are beginning to turn away from botox and toward anti aging cream. Why, you ask? Due to the fact that they're finding out the truth about this pricey, possibly dangerous cosmetic procedure. What "truths" are they finding out about botox injections which causes them to make such a rash choice? Well, you're going to find out!

GenFx refresh the pituitary gland activity and empowers it to produce more HGH by itself. It improves the metabolism, provides more energy, improves muscle tone and restores the natural immunity to protect the body and eliminate infections.

4 Truths About Botox and Why It is Terrible In comparison to Anti Aging Creme.

- Price tag. Botox injections range between $600 and $1000 for a injection. Considering you need a minimum of 2-3 shots a year, you're looking at one heck of a huge expense each & every year. Compare that price to what you'd spend on anti aging wrinkle cream and, well, you get the point.

One of the troubles that people normally have with trying to get enough anti-oxidants to look younger is to get enough of these foods into their diets.

- Effectiveness. There is one thing that can be said about botox treatment, which is: it's highly efficient in regards to clearing away motion wrinkles. Apart from that though, well, it is not all that powerful. Fundamentally, this means that every other sign of aging -- age spots, crows feet, fine lines, dark circles, under eyebags, sun damage, skin discoloration, and so on -- will not be repaired via botox injections. It's true. On a side note, were you aware that the best age defying lotion won't only take care of ALL the aging signs, but it will also give you anti aging "defense" for years to come?

Hydroxatone - The anti aging treatment product that not only helps to prevent premature aging but in addition it reduces visible lines on your face. What really can cause the lines and wrinkles as people age are the muscles that are less elastic than they once were.

- The Safety Aspect. Is a botox injection safe to use? Yes, the Food and drug administration (FDA for short) states it is in fact safe to use. On the other hand, what the FDA looks at as "safe" and what we the people believe to be "safe" are two TOTALLY different things. For instance, do you consider a poison which destroys nerves in the body harmless? Most likely not. Well, that's exactly what botox is, a poison! Not convinced? Simply consult with any botox authority out there, he/she won't deny it.

The most evident benefit of having more human growth hormones is its anti-aging effect. Wrinkles and lines are lessened. Skin becomes smoother and more rejuvenated.

- Permanent Results. To put it simply, there are none! The effects of botox treatments last about 3 to 6 months, which is when every wrinkle which was there earlier will be back. Not only that, but there may even be more lines and wrinkles that show up as well.

Deep anti wrinkle lotion is just as fast as face lift procedures and botox injections . And not only do the most effective deep wrinkle creams produce results JUST AS FAST, the results are in most cases SUPERIOR too.

Anti aging lotion is much more than just a quick fix for removing wrinkles, as many people believe it to be. It's a regimen, one that will have your skin not just looking healthier and stronger, but also years younger too. However, if you decide on botox injections instead of anti aging creme, well, that is your choice and you've got every right to stand by it. The rest of us though, we will be sticking with anti aging creme and it is NON-poisonous ingredients!

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