Anti Aging Creams Bought Over The Counter - Five Top Reasons Why Individuals Need To Avoid Them

If you are starting to see the wrinkles forming on your face, then you have undoubtedly come to the realization that you are indeed becoming older. Worse yet, that fact is beginning to appear in a truly big way! Does this mean you go out and get any old over the counter wrinkle cream? No! Doing that would be a waste of both money and time. Here's why.

Making use of anti wrinkle creams as a way to look younger is a good idea. Aside from being able to prevent wrinkles and finelines, steady use of antiaging skin cream can actually eliminate ALL signs of age from your skin!

Top 5 Reasons to Stay Away From Anti Aging Creams Which Could Be Purchased Over The Counter...

Our skin, and specifically your faces are open to some strong things; sun, wind, and most damaging of all pollution. To help protect against these you need to find the best anti aging product for your lifestyle.

1. They're a Dime a Dozen.

Simple branded, generic anti wrinkle lotions are so plentiful that if they were food, you could solve world hunger with them practically overnight. Unfortunately though, their abundance does not make them any more useful. The reality is, the majority of such bland anti wrinkle products are nothing more than cheap (yet expensively priced) skin moisturizers. You would probably be luckier dipping your face in mud.

2. No Scientific Research nor Studies.

Do you think these cheap anti-wrinkle creams are tested and proven to really be effective? Well, then you're seriously delusional. Cosmetic companies are not forced to "prove" (generally speaking that is) their outrageous claims on their containers -- hence, anything which states "Wrinkles Disappear in Just 10 Minutes" will probably mean "Wrinkles may be somewhat less noticeable after seven to eight weeks of continued application. Expect a 12% to 13% Reduction in Finelines & Wrinkles".

The life expectancy around the globe is increasing day after day. Here are some solutions to help a person to live a longer and healthier life gracefully aging. Just think how nice it might be to live until you are eighty years old, or longer ...

3. Never Ending Guessing Game.

Try, try, & try again until you find an over the counter wrinkle cream which works -- really throwing away money on each and every attempt. Could you find a store purchased anti wrinkle cream that'll actually work? Yes, it is certainly possible as long as you put in a sufficient amount of money and time. But then again, the same could be said about searching for the fountain of youth -- you can find it, IF IT EVEN EXISTS!

For quite a while the spider and varicose vein removal was quite a hard and troublesome process. In the past the only way that these medical conditions could be treated was by the use of surgery.

4. Few, If Any At All, Feedbacks.

"Shelf-sitting" wrinkle cream products would SELDOM have customer feedbacks which you can use to know more about the product. Why? Since nearly all over the counter wrinkle cream isn't effective enough for individuals to even take notice (for more than a day or two anyway). Usually, such products join the rest of the forgotten make up & skin goop containers inside that wasteland we call the bathroom cabinet.

It seems as if aging comes easily for some individuals. Of course, credit must be given to methods like Botox, facelift, and liposuction. Even so, you should never forget about your skin and body at all times, even when you already have the option of going to the doctor.

5. No Refunds of Guarantees.

You buy over the counter wrinkle creams, you keep wrinkle lotions purchased over the counter, period. If it doesn't work, then you're out of luck and you won't be getting any comment from your complaints, neither would you be given a refund. No trials, no risk free periods, all sales are final.

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