Lie Down On The Floor With Your Face Facing Downwards While Your Hands Are Placed Flat At The Shoulder Level On Either Sides

Adult people come in a huge range of sizes and heights due to a combination of environmental factors, hormones and genetics. The height that people reach is dependent upon the hormonal activities in their own bodies as well as the genes they have inherited from their ancestors. Environmental factors such as nutrition also play an important role. Maximum growth of the human body is witnessed during the pubertal phase and people attain their tallest height somewhere in their mid 20's. It is a fallacy that height gain is unachievable after puberty. Methods like surgical procedures and supplement pills can work but the best method is to use natural exercises. The best exercises to get taller is one of the most effective solutions but may not be very fruitful for older people as the growth rate is minimal. Organizing a program that takes advantage of the best exercises to get taller can help people to increase their height in a way that is holistic and natural . Here in this article we have listed out a couple of ideas and suggestions about how people can benefit from best exercises to get taller.

The most effective exercises to grow taller naturally are ones which help your body to stretch and that improve your flexibility and your posture. Using them together in a program can definitely give you an increase in height. We are going to explain in detail how the basic stretches such as Cobra stretch, Cat stretch, lower leg stretches and The Bow Down are performed.

Exercise 1 - The Cobra

Here is how to do the initial exercise in the program, known as the Cobra. Lie down on the floor with your face facing downwards and keep your hands flat on the floor on either side at the shoulder level. Start to arch the spine from the bottom up to the chin. Arch as far back as possible. Maintain the stretch for 10-30 sec every time. Three sets of ten repetitions are recommended .

Exercise 2 - The Cat Stretch

The next exercise that you need to perform is the Cat stretch. Get down on the floor on all fours, making sure that your knees are placed directly below the hips while your hands are at the shoulder level. Inhale when the spine is flexed downwards and raise back the head. While exhaling, arch your spine and drop your head down. Do three sets of repetitions, every repetition lasting 5-10 seconds.

Exercise 3 - The Basic Leg Stretch

The third exercise which we are going to talk about is the basic leg stretch. Spread the legs far apart while sitting down. Now try to touch the toes of your right leg with your right hand and while doing this make sure that your knees are kept straight. Move from the hips and keep the spine and back straight. Three sets of ten repetitions, each repetition 5-15 seconds.

Exercise 4 - The Bow Down

Your back can be strengthened and lengthened by using the Bow Down exercise. Stand straight with your hands on your hips. Bend from the waist as far as you can keeping your knees straight and your chin up. Do three sets of ten repetition with each repetition lasting 5-10 seconds.

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