Most Effective Age Reversing Creams - 6 Reasons Botox Is Better

Did you know that botox treatments are not nearly as effective nor as safe as many of the best anti aging creams out there? Well, its true. Not only this, but botox injections are not even permanent. An injection must be carried out every couple of months in order for you to preserve youthful, non-wrinkly skin.

The most obvious benefit of having more human growth hormones is its anti-aging effect. Wrinkles and lines are lessened. Skin becomes tighter and more rejuvenated.

Are there other reasons why botox pales in comparison to the best anti aging creams? You betcha! In fact, right below here are 6 separate reasons why botox injections are a horrible choice for getting rid of signs of age. Take a moment, read through them, and then decide whether your hard earned money is better spent on botox or anti aging cream.

Hydroxatone - The anti aging product that not only helps stop premature aging but also reduces visible lines on your face. What really brings about the wrinkles as people mature are the muscles that are less elastic than they was in the past.

- Botox Is approved by the FDA to be used on 5% of your face. In case you aren't a math expert, that leaves 95% of your face overlooked & untreated. On the flip side, the best anti aging creams available can be used on your entire face.

- Being injected with botox means being injected with a bacterial neurotoxin labeled as botulinum. Several botox users have no idea of this, but botulinum is actually one of the more toxic substances known to man. Truth be told, when exposed to large volumes of this deadly poison, death Can be the result.

LifeCell is the only all in one skin treatment on the market today, designed to deliver the results of all of your other products combined.

- A common "side effect" of botox injections happens to be more wrinkles rather than less wrinkles near the injection site.

Genf20 Plus helps the body to secrete human growth hormone to aid youthful and smooth skin, speedy weight-loss, peaceful sleeping pattern, increased sexual drive, mental alertness, great flow of power and boosted metabolism.

- If botox injections are carried out regularly to regions of the face, damage may occur to both the skin and the nerves.

- Of the many signs of age that need to be handled, botox treatments only help with ONE; motion wrinkles. All of the other signs of age, like finelines, crows feet, sun damage, age spots, eye bags, discoloration, etc will STILL be there when the treatment is finished.

Both women and men will face wrinkle problem when they become older. Wrinkles is a natural aging process that faced by human being. There are many types of wrinkle treatment methods to effectively eliminate wrinkles.

- As mentioned earlier, botox treatments are in no way permanent. Most users find that their lines and wrinkles return within a mere 4 to 7 months after each injection. This may not mean much to someone with 1000's of dollars to burn, but to the average Jane living on a budget, $700-$800 per injection is no drop in the bucket.

So, are these six facts good enough to convince you that botox really isn't the best choice for face rejuvenation? For your sake, I really hope so. Should it not be enough to sway you, then perhaps you should do some homework on the best anti aging cream on the market. If the facts about anti aging wrinkle cream don't convince you, nothing will!

Most Effective Age Reversing Creams - 6 Reasons Botox Is Better
Did you know that botox treatments are not nearly as effective nor as safe as many of the best anti aging creams out there? Well, its true. Not only this, but botox injections are not even permanent.

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