Stretch Mark Treatments - Top 6 Remedies For Stretch Marks On Back

When your body grows in a speedy rate owing to a growth spurt as happens to many youngsters going through adolescence or by reason of a rapid weight gain owing to conditions such as pregnancy, the linear scars termed stretch marks can usually begin to develop over your skin. The hormonal surges which are common during these times are additional factors which encourage stretch mark formation. Body builders who have been adding up weight or muscle mass at a rapid rate and individuals who are overweight can also be prime candidates who are the risk of stretch mark formation. Stretch marks could appear all over your body but it is usually observed on the legs, buttocks, belly, upper torso and also the back. If in case you have stretch marks on your back there are many different all-natural and holistic techniques that one could use in order to eliminate them including topical creams, skin exfoliation, massage therapy, diet and physical exercises.

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1. Natural Oils: The best single remedy which you can use to get rid of back stretch marks is to handle them with one of the various herbal essential oils, topical creams and skin lotions that are easily available and are effective, risk-free and cheap. You have lots of these skin lotions and they might help to remove your stretch marks in many different methods. Many of the skin lotions hydrate and moisturize your skin to help keep it stretchy and supple. A few of the topical creams include natural body proteins for example collagen and elastin which regenerate the skins capability to stretch and mend itself. Other essential oils work as an exfoliating agent to get rid of stretch mark scar tissue from your back.

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2. Skin Exfoliation: Yet another good natural method to remove stretch marks on back would be to exfoliate the skin regularly each day. Skin exfoliation uses abrading applicators and skin cleansing agents in order to remove a thin layer of your skin. This method also removes scar tissue from the stretch marks and will, in the due course, remove them altogether. As the skin layers on your back is thick and tough it is an spot where such a treatment works well. You should use a skin cleanser that is mildly abrasive such as baking soda or oatmeal or one which includes exfoliating substances for example tea tree oil or alpha hydroxy acid. The applicator which you use to apply the skin cleanser must also be slightly abrasive, a few good choices are a coarse sponge, a loofah or perhaps a brush with soft bristles. Exfoliate two times each day and put on a skin moisturizing cream after the treatment.

3. Massage Treatments: Massage therapy is a popular holistic technique that is utilized to remove back stretch marks in a holistic manner. Massage will stimulate blood circulation in the body and the improved blood flow that is the result aids to transport vital nourishment to the skin layers. The force applied over the skin during the massage is also useful in breaking up the scar tissue which forms your stretch marks so it can be eliminated from your body. Using a natural stretch mark cream as a massage lubricant will provide the very best results.

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4. Diet: Your skin requires many vital nutrients in order to remain supple and repair stretch mark damage so it is very important have a good and healthful diet.

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5. Drink More Water: Your skin layers requires proper hydration in order to stay supple and elastic so drink plenty of water every day.

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6. Simple Stretching Exercises: You need to participate in stretching exercises on a routine basis with a purpose to improve nutrient supply to your skin as well as breaking up the scar tissue which your stretch marks are made up of.

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