Acne - Acne Control

Acne has long been one of the most common problems among people, causing not only physical effects, but also psychological and social ones as well.

So what can you do if you have an acne problem?  While there is no cure for acne, there are various treatments available, some over-the-counter and others prescribed by a physician.  However, the best way to control acne is to take steps to prevent it.  Below are tips that will show you how to do just that.

Cleansing your skin is the most essential acne prevention measure you can take.  Not only does this clean off dirt, bacteria, and other unwanted materials, but it also removes excess oils that can cause breakouts.  It is important to avoid over-washing your face, as this will remove oils that actually help your skin.  This will result in dry, irritated skin, and can make acne control even more difficult. 

Use a gentle soap or acne cleanser.  Cleansers have been developed to specifically help with acne, and are available both over-the-counter or with a prescription.

Another important part of acne control is the breaking of bad habits, namely zit popping. Acne is bothersome and sometimes painful, and it would seem that you would receive relief from popping zits and getting rid of infectious pus.  This is not so.  In actuality, popping pimples pushes the bacteria further into the skin and can cause further irritation to the acne problem area and the skin surrounding it.  For better acne control, use a skin toner in addition to washing your face instead.

Some specialists believe that stress is an aggravating factor that can get in the way of acne control.  In theory, when you are stressed, chemicals in your body are working against you and can cause your skin to react and breakouts to occur.  To help control acne that could be caused by stress, get plenty of sleep, eat right, and try to remove yourself from stressful situations. 

For those with acne on their chest or back, wearing loose clothing is a helpful method of acne control.  This is recommended especially when participating in activities such as working out.  Tight clothing can irritate your skin, and will aggravate your acne.  It can also be uncomfortable to acne sufferers as well.  This is also relevant because when you work out, you sweat, which can add unwanted materials to your skin and influence breakouts.  Tight clothing traps these materials on the surface of your skin, or may even cause you to sweat more.  Loose clothing will prove more comfortable all around and is an important part of acne prevention.

Unfortunately for acne sufferers, there is no guaranteed acne cure and many factors play into its causes.  Depending on your skin type, certain tips may be more important than others.  Follow the acne control methods listed above, and stay on an acne regimen that works.  Don't deviate from your acne treatment routine, as this will prevent it from working properly.  Remember, too, that it often takes time to see the results of acne prevention and treatment.  Consult a physician if nothing seems to work, or if you are unsure about what you should or shouldn't do to treat your condition.